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Sep 2020

Versantis selected in the TOP-5 Best Swiss Startup  (#2 Biotech) and featured in the appreciated "startup" magazine.

Sep 2019

Sep 2019

Versantis is in Handelszeitung🗞️ !

Very positive coverage of our team, our lead product, and our first-in-man study currently enrolling patients at Goethe University Clinic Frankfurt.

Read the article here.

May 2019

Einblick published a large piece about Versantis and presents the company as a life-saver to fight the epidemic of liver disease patients.

Read the article here.

Sep 2018

Versantis selected in the TOP-10 Best Swiss Startup  (#2 Biotech) and featured in the appreciated "startup" magazine. 

Read the article here.

Aug 2017

As part of their summer edition "der Traum vom Geld", Tages Anzeiger selected Versantis to speak about entrepreneurial motivations to drive success.

Read the article here.

Jan 2017

Versantis is proud to be selected to present at the Investors Summit 2017 as one of the 7 finest startups of Switzerland! 

More information and pictures of the event here:

Dec 2016

One year after our Versantis last showcase in, the journal published a update of Versantis' achievements. 

Read the article here.

Jul 2016

We are proud to announce that Cydan Development, a sponsor of the prestigious MassChallenge accelerator, has awarded one of its five MassChallenge scholarships to Versantis.

Read Cydan's announcement here.

Apr 2016

The Job Journal introduced Versantis as a model of successful spin-off from ETH Zurich. M Kabbaj and V Forster discuss the challenges and hurdles related to the translation of a pharmaceutical technology from an academic prototype to a marketable product. 

We are proud to serve a role model and encourage all entrepreneurs to read the tips we present in the article. 

Click here to read it!

Feb 2016

M Kabbaj shares Versantis’ values in an inspiring panel discussion at the »venture» 2016 Kick-Off event at ETH Zurich.

See the video interview here


Versantis is a Challenge Finalist of Pioneers Asia. 

According to the Pioneers Asia jury, Versantis is addressing a serious problem that has previously been neglected, with a very strong team and expertise. 

Read the press coverage from Nikkei and from the Swiss Science and Technology Office in Tokyo

Jan 2016

V. Forster received the Pfizer Research Award for its work on liposomes-supported peritoneal dialysis. Congratulations to all the co-authors and collaborators!

The Swiss pharmaceutical market magazine OTX WORLD published an interview of the laureate in French and German.

Dec 2015

Special focus on Versantis and Vincent Forster on the latest interview series on the theme Start-ups.

Read the interview here. 

Oct 2015

The Phoenix Group awarded our first Science Translational Medicine article in the category Pharmazeutische Technologie.

Good work the authors!

Swiss Venture Guide - From the Idea to a Successful Company

Versantis is featured in the CTI Invest® publication as a start-up on the way to success!

Read it here. 

Jul 2015

Universal antidotes: we can do better than burnt toasts!

Vincent Forster (Versantis CEO) presented Versantis' innovative detoxification technology during a TED talk at TEDxHamburg

Jun 2015

Nano-antidotes for drug overdose and poisoning
Vincent Forster and Jean-Christophe Leroux
Science Translational Medicine 7(229):p.290ps14

In this perspective article, we critically review the recent progresses in antidotal medicine which are rising to the challenge of the growing overdose epidemic.

In the US, more than 2.5 million people are subjected to drug overdose which is the most common form of deliberate self-harm and accidental death!

May 2015

The international Startup press is featuring Versantis and its management team:

" Versantis, using liposomes technology to detoxification"

Article from

" We want to save lives from drug overdoses"

Article from 

Mar 2015

"Die Entgiftungsexperten"

Nice article about Versantis in the Handelszeitung! Read it here!

Feb 2015

Bilan Magazine: Here are the 50 startups in which to invest

Western Switzerland magazine Bilan published its yearly selection of promising startups looking for investors. Versantis is among them!

Jan 2015

Versantis wins the CHF 100'000.- prize of Venture Kick Stage 3! Thanks a lot for the support, Venture Kick

Check out the media release and related news

Oct 2014

Amazing networking at the CEO-Day. Versantis won the Pitch Battle!!

Versantis is finalist at the Swiss Technology Awards! Come join us at the Swiss Innovation Forum in November.


WIRED is lauching in Germany! They published Versantis' story in a fun interview for a general audience. Go check it out!


The clinical value and potential of Versantis' technology has been endorsed by the prestigious Science Translational Medicine. This is a major achievement for the project and a great recognition from the medical community.

**Read the main article or check our the press coverage below**

- BBC interview by The Naked Scientist broadcast.
- ETH-News 
- Science Daily

Aug 2014

We got the kick! Versantis' co-founders gave a solid presentation that satisfied Venture Kick's Jury. We receive the CHF 20'000.- financial support and are now enrolled in the the final stage.

**Have a look at our interview**

Jun 2014

The Volkswirtschaftstiftung is supporting Versantis with CHF 100'000.-

May 2014

Versantis is in >>Venture>> TOP10 business plan winners!

Mar 2014

**Versantis in the ETH-News, receiving tips from the pros!**

Feb 2014

Versantis is a finalist of the Innvoact Creation Award!

**Great press coverage from Biotech Finance**

Jan 2014

**Versantis made the news! Look at**

Versantis is among the winners of the >>venture>> Business Idea Award!



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