Oct 2020

Preclinical evaluation of liposome-supported peritoneal dialysis for the treatment of hyperammonemic crises
Simon Matoori, Vincent Forster, Valentina Agostoni, Regula Bettschart-Wolfensberger, Rima Nadine Bektas, Beat Thöny, Johannes Häberle, Jean-Christophe Leroux, Meriam Kabbaj
Journal of Controlled Release 328:p.503-513

The main objective of this work was to conduct the preclinical evaluation of LSPD in terms of pharmacokinetics, ammonia uptake, and toxicology to seek regulatory approval for a first-in-human study. The formulation containing citric acid-loaded liposomes was administered intraperitoneally at two different doses once daily for ten days to healthy minipigs. It was also tested in a domestic pig model of hyperammonemia.

• LSPD was tested in minipigs and domestic pigs.
• The pharmacokinetic profiles of citric acid, DPPC, and cholesterol were favorable.
• Citric acid, DPPC, and cholesterol did not accumulate upon repeated administration.
• LSPD concentrated more ammonia in the peritoneal space than control PD fluids.
• LSPD was found to be safe.

May 2018

Liposome-supported peritoneal dialysis in the treatment of severe hyperammonemia: An investigation on potential interactions
Giovanna Giacalone, Simon Matoori, Valentina Agostoni, Vincent Forster, Meriam Kabbaj, Sarah Eggenschwiler, Martin Lussi, Andrea De Gottardi, Nicola Zamboni, Jean-Christophe Leroux
Journal of Controlled Release 278:p.57-65

In this study, we further characterized the mechanism of action of VS-01 by 1) assessing its in-use stability in the presence of ascitic fluids from liver-disease patients; 2) investigating its interactions with drugs that are commonly administered to acute-on-chronic liver failure patients; and 3) analyzing the in vivo extraction profile of VS-01.
The results confirmed that VS-01 is a safe and effective approach for treating hyperammonemic crises in the context of acute-on-chronic liver failure.

Dec 2016

Liposome-Supported Peritoneal Dialysis for the Treatment of Hyperammonemia-Associated Encephalopathy
Valentina Agostoni, Soo Hyeon Lee, Vincent Forster, Meriam Kabbaj, Cristina R. Bosoi, Mélanie Tremblay, Matthias Zadory, Christopher F. Rose and Jean-Christophe Leroux
Advanced Functional Materials 26(46):p.8357

In this publication, we describe the translation of VS-01 as a novel approach for treating hyperammonemia-induced encephalopathy. The article illustrates how the manufacturing challenges were overcome and presents the superior efficacy of VS-01 to significantly attenuate brain edema in a rodent model of liver disease.

June 2015

Nano-antidotes for drug overdose and poisoning
Vincent Forster and Jean-Christophe Leroux
Science Translational Medicine 7(229):p.290ps14

In this perspective article, we critically review the recent progresses in antidotal medicine which are rising to the challenge of the growing overdose epidemic.

In the US, more than 2.5 million people are subjected to drug overdose which is the most common form of deliberate self-harm and accidental death!

Oct 2014

The clinical value and potential of Versantis' technology has been endorsed by the prestigious Science Translational Medicine:

This is a major achievement for the project and a great recognition from the medical community.

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BBC interview by The Naked Scientist broadcast.
Science Daily

May 2012

Treatment of calcium channel blocker-induced cardiovascular toxicity with drug scavenging liposomes.

Vincent Forster, Paola Luciani, Jean-Christophe Leroux

Initial research paper supporting the use of liposomes bearing a transmembrane gradient of pH for removing toxins from the blood. In this research the liposomes were injected intravenously to combat drug overdoses.



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