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A strong pipeline for multiple indications

Versantis’ pipeline promises to improve patients’ outcome and relieve health care systems from the economic burden of liver diseases. The lead candidate, VS-01, is the first emergency treatment for acute liver diseases. It is a rescue therapy tackling rare indications of high unmet medical need. It was granted an Orphan Drug Designation which will ensure a fast and lean route to market.

VS-02 and VS-03 are developed for chronic liver diseases and for the treatment of drug intoxications, both considered as endemic diseases worldwide.

In addition, Versantis continues to expand its strong product pipeline with other products in preclinical development and late stage research for the treatment of metabolic acidemias and for the diagnosis of hyperammonemia. 

VS-01: a life-saving therapy

VS-01 is an innovative liposomal-based peritoneal dialysis fluid that acts as a clearance enhancer for a large spectrum of toxic metabolites accumulated during liver and kidney failures. More specifically, VS-01 clears out ammonia, the main neurotoxic metabolite leading to hepatic encephalopathy. With its dual mechanism of action (non-specific and ammonia targeted) VS-01 is the first drug to support the liver, the brain, and the kidneys), 3 organs of major importance in the prognostic of patients with acute liver diseases. Versantis is bullish to think that VS-01 is the right therapy to manage a multi-organ disease such as acute liver diseases. It represents a new hope for these patients who have been so far neglected because of the absence of an effective drug.



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